18 Must-Visit Websites For Developers

DevDocs organizes API documentation into a single, searchable interface. You’ll discover documentation for a variety of programming languages and technologies all in one spot.

Gyanendra Kumar Knojiya
5 min readDec 10, 2021


1. DevDocs

DevDocs organizes API documentation into a single, searchable interface. You’ll discover documentation for a variety of programming languages and technologies all in one spot.

2. ray.so

This website allows you to take gorgeous code screenshots. It also has a dark mode and preset themes for several programming languages. You may also utilize its Visual Studio Code plugin.

3. Poet.so

This website is helpful for developers who want to share photographs of their tweets on social media. The website converts your tweet into a beautiful, editable design.

4. roadmap.sh

This website offers roadmaps, guidelines, and other instructional information to help developers decide on a course of action and direct their learning. It is quite beneficial to both a beginning and a student who needs coaching.

5. LambdaTest

LambdaTest is a cloud-based cross-browser testing tool that allows you to test web applications across over 2000 browsers, operating systems, and devices. LambdaTest allows you to manually and automatically test cross-browser compatibility.

6. daily.dev

It is a site where you can find a plethora of interesting things to read on a regular basis. It displays the finest items from many platforms in your feed. By utilizing its extension, you may stay up to date with great material from numerous platforms straight in your browser.

7. Showwcase

Showwcase is a new social networking platform designed just for coders to interact, establish community, and discover new possibilities. It’s a site similar to LinkedIn, but it’s solely for developers.

8. CSS Tricks

You may improve your web development abilities by studying the fundamentals of CSS from this website. CSS is what makes web pages appear lovely if you didn’t already know.

9. Medusa

An open-source Shopify substitute. Medusa is a fast and adaptable open-source headless commerce engine. It’s completely free.

10. smartmockups

Why waste time learning how to use Photoshop? Smartmockups enable you to create stunning high-resolution mockups directly in your browser and across several devices using a single interface. The most rapid web-based mockup tool accessible, There is no prior experience or ability necessary, and the collection of professional mockups is always expanding.

11. Code Beautify

Make your source code more beautiful and easier to read by beautifying it with code. AI technology will make your source code more appealing and easy to read.

12. overAPI

OverAPI is one of the most attractive and useful websites for developers. Cheatsheets for the majority of programming languages may be found on this website. Check it out right now.

13. Responsively

This is an open-source website that speeds up web app development by 5 times. In a single window, all target screens are presented side by side. Reduces the amount of time it takes to grow!

14. Color Hunt

Colorhunt is a website that https://colorhunt.co/allows you to choose beautiful color palettes. Web designers would benefit greatly by selecting attractive and appealing colors, as well as accepting color recommendations from other artists and art projects.

15. Carbon

This website will assist you in creating and sharing stunning source code pictures. You may also make adjustments to the photos. You should try it right now.

16. Profile Pic Maker

This website generates a professional and visually appealing profile for each photo in your Web developer portfolio. You will be exposed to social media as a developer. All you have to do is upload any of your photographs, and it will edit and improve them for you. Now is the time to give it a go.

17. Small Dev Tools

This website provides free development tools such as encoders/decoders, HTML/CSS/Javascript formatters, minifiers, fake or test data generators, and more. You may also share codes with others.

18. resume.io

This website enables you to construct a professional resume. It will assist you in creating a professional resume by presenting you with tried-and-true templates. Give it a go.

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