Best Projects for Your Portfolio

You can build these projects within a week.

Gyanendra Kumar Knojiya
4 min readJan 23, 2022

Software engineering is often intimidating, especially when there is a lot to learn and projects to develop. What’s virtually impossible is when you’re just starting and there are so many things you want to master and abilities you want to specialize in.

Building projects are the only method to develop your software engineering abilities. It’s a lot like being an artist in that you’ll only learn how to work with strings by getting your hands filthy and doing the job. You will become a better developer by creating projects if you put in the effort, patience, and perseverance.

In this post, we will look at some of the finest projects you may construct that can help you go ahead:

1. Your Portfolio Website:

Creating a portfolio is one of the finest methods to demonstrate your abilities and a sharp eye for design and development strategies. Your portfolio is a clear representation of your abilities and creative inspiration.

It is an obvious approach to demonstrate to the employer that you have a strong eye for design, and it is also highly advisable to deliver the ideal user experience. There are most likely numerous top design inspiration designs available on the internet that you may use to develop your portfolio. Similarly, there are several static site generators that you may utilize without difficulty to offer you a template around which to develop your portfolio.

Check out my portfolio:

You may even go all out and include a blog area where you can upload some of your blog’s posts. It demonstrates to the recruiter that you are enthusiastic about your work.

2. Build a landing page for a business:

You can get some design examples from dribble and can use some commercial images available for free.

Creating a landing page is nearly always important for any organization. You may use this to create a stunning landing page. What you should pay close attention to is responsiveness, as well as the fundamental principle of good design with appropriate colors and a wonderful user experience.

Other features, such as functioning contact forms and live chats, may be easily added. Such initiatives are excellent additions to your résumé. Remember to pick appropriate colors and fonts that are easy to read.

As a result, follow the white space guideline to maintain excellent reading ratings and professionalism.

Free Images

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3. LastPass Clone:

This is a project where you may learn how to safely store user data. You will also need secure authentication. This project is highly recommended since it allows you to demonstrate your backend programming talents.

This type of project will also expose you to backend programming and teach you more about how backend technologies function. You will learn how to do user registration, save information on the server, access that information, perform validation rules, hash passwords, and many other things.

What you will learn from this project:

  • How do servers function?
  • Keeping user information safe
  • Validation on both the client and the server-side
  • Password hashing for security purposes
  • Obtaining data from the server

4. E-Commerce Website:

Implementing a basic e-commerce site is an excellent approach to demonstrate your knowledge of backend and frontend technologies.

You may include functionality like adding inventory, adding products to the cart, and persisting data on the backend. You may also use payment systems such as Stripe, PayPal, and other payment methods.

When adopting this, keep security at the top of your application structure in mind. You don’t want the bad guys to sabotage your application.


5. E-Library:

Finally, for all the newcomers out there, here is another wonderful initiative — E-Library. It may be classified as a beginning to intermediate-level project. As a novice, you may develop a static website to show people the library’s details such as books, contact information, and so on.


There are so many more projects that can you build for your showcase. You can build a real-time chatting application where you can use web socket for real-time communication.

These projects can help you increase your chances of getting your first developer job with minimal effort. These projects on your CV appear to be remarkable. You may also open-source the code for these projects to sites like GitHub, allowing recruiters to view and understand your code.

Thank you for taking the time to read this article, and I hope you found it useful.

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