Best Projects for Your Portfolio

You can build these projects within a week.

1. Your Portfolio Website:

2. Build a landing page for a business:

3. LastPass Clone:

  • Keeping user information safe
  • Validation on both the client and the server-side
  • Password hashing for security purposes
  • Obtaining data from the server

4. E-Commerce Website:

5. E-Library:

Finally, for all the newcomers out there, here is another wonderful initiative — E-Library. It may be classified as a beginning to intermediate-level project. As a novice, you may develop a static website to show people the library’s details such as books, contact information, and so on.


There are so many more projects that can you build for your showcase. You can build a real-time chatting application where you can use web socket for real-time communication.



Full Stack developer & Technical writer

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