JavaScript — All About Local Storage, Session Storage, and Cookies

What are the advantages and disadvantages of localStorage, sessionStorage, session, and cookies from a technological standpoint, and when should we utilize one over the other?

What is Client-side storage?

Client-side storage, as the name implies, allows the user to store data on the client (i.e. the user’s browser). And Server-side storage, on the other hand, keeps data on the server (i.e. an external database).

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When does it come in handy?

The following use scenarios may benefit from client-side storage:

  • User preferences can be saved (i.e. font size, theme, etc.)
  • Save the previous activity’s session (i.e. auth token, user details, shopping cart, etc.)

Client-Side Storage Types

Here are types of client-side storage-

  1. Local Storage
  2. Session Storage
  3. Indexed DB

1. What is the localStorage?

Where we find this stored data

Web storage data is saved in an SQLite file in a subdirectory in the user’s profile in Google Chrome. On Windows PCs, the subdirectory is stored at \AppData\Local\Google\Chrome\User Data\Default\Local Storage whereas, on macOS, it is found at ~/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/Default/Local Storage.

Methods for adding and removing data from Local Storage

There are five different ways to use localStorage in your web applications:

localStorage.setItem('Key', 'value')
localStorage.clear() // Clear all localStorage
localStorage.key() // Pass a number to retrieve the key of a localStorage
Object.keys(localStorage); find all keys

2. What is Session Storage?

The Session Storage saves data in the form of Keys and Values for a single session. When the browser is closed, the data stored in Session Storage will be removed.

Methods for adding and removing data from session storage

sessionStorage.setItem('Key', 'Value') // Save data to sessionStorage
sessionStorage.getItem('Key') // Get saved data from sessionStorage
sessionStorage.removeItem('Key') // Remove saved data from sessionStorage
sessionStorage.clear() // Remove all saved data from sessionStorage

Local Storage vs Session Storage

  • The browser data is cleared by the user.

3. Cookies

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document.cookie = 'username=Gyanendra'
document.cookie = 'username=Gyanendra; expires=any upcoming date and time; path=/'
document.cookie = 'username=Gyanendra; expires=passed date and time; path=/;'



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